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S.A.D. is here again

Yes, I am full well aware of how pathetic it is for a blogger to post about a holiday when his post regarding that same holiday the previous year has not even made it to the second page of posts yet.  I’ve seen several other blogs that have long celebratory posts for their one-year anniversaries, and yet here I am, well past that point in my own blog, with so very little done. It’s something of a downer, to say the least, but such is in keeping with the spirit of this cynical holiday-offshoot.  For today marks both Valentine’s Day and Singles Awareness Day, the acronym for which rather appropriately spells the word “sad,” in case the joke wasn’t clear enough. But we the loyal fans of anime, even–no, especially those among us who, like me, are single, need not fret. In Japan, social traditions dictate that girls give Valentine’s chocolate to guys, be it “giri-choko” to coworkers, “tomo-choko” to friends, or “honmei-choko” as expressions of love. Romance is a popular theme in anime, and Valentine’s Day-themed episodes, often complete with chocolates and confessions, abound. I do not mean to portray this in a negative light; I usually enjoy the use of the holiday in the series I watch, and the whole chocolates-giving thing can be used to great effect. Exempli gratia, a quick search for “Valentine” on Konachan yielded this, among others:

But I’m sure many of you who might be reading this already know most of I’ve said so far, not to mention the fact that where I live, Valentine’s Day ended as I was typing this up. As for my own goings-on of late, I’ve been accumulating some most excellent loot, but I cannot yet post in detail about it a friend has my camera for a school project. Also, I will be attending both Anime Boston and PAX East this year, though unfortunately I could only get a Sunday pass for the latter.

But that should be enough for the moment. As always, thanks for reading.


Ah, Valentine’s Day…

Today, millions of people the world over express their affection for their loved ones, mostly with cards and chocolates and the like.  Millions of singles lament their lousy luck.  Greeting card company executives finally get to buy those solid gold cars that they’ve had their eye on.  And then there are people like me, who just plain forgot about it until someone out and out told them what was going on. This holiday hasn’t really ever mattered much to me, and I spent most of today looking for a part-time job.  The closest thing to a Valentine’s-related anything I’ve gotten so far or am likely to receive was from Nagisa here:

Valentine's Day Greeting

At least I think it was about Valentine’s Day.  I still can’t read Japanese, and she might have just been thanking me for voting for her in what I have to assume was some sort of popularity contest among the Clannad heroines. She did give me a cool scarf though.  If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, all this happened in the Japanese MMOSG Aisp@ce. I plan to write a more detailed post about it later.

Anyway, no matter what today may mean to you, I hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day.  And, if you happen to be in a school with a similar schedule to mine, happy February Break too.  See you next time!