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Happy Holidays

I’d like to start by wishing you all the happiest of holidays, whichever ones you should choose to celebrate. Not to play favorites, but seeing as today is Christmas Day, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas as well. My family finished unwrapping our gifts early this morning, and we just finished up a lunch of delectable glazed Christmas ham. Such may seem obligatory on blogs such as mine, but I’ve just got to show you my loot for this year.  And so, without further ado…

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Thanksgiving Occurs

When I finished typing up my previous post, I was quite excited to see what sorts of events, purchases, or other goings-on I’d be able to blog about in the near future.  Eventually I came to realize that nothing much was really happening.  Well, perhaps “nothing” isn’t the right word: life went on as it typically does, and, yes, I had a few more interesting days to break the routine here and there, but there was nothing that gave me that feeling of “Hey, I should blog about this,” or what have you.  Maybe I’m setting the bar for blog-worthiness too high.  Maybe I’m just lazy.  Probably both.  Regardless, Thanksgiving seemed as good an excuse as any, so I figured I might as well run my mouth a bit.  Oh, and the image (source) doesn’t really reflect anything other than A) the sense of listlessness that I’ve been feeling of late and B) the fact that I really like it.

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What I Have So Far


Like I said before, not a whole lot to see right now.  Thanks to…uh…the magic of the internet, I’ve seen/read plenty more than what I actually own, but I am looking into buying more volumes and DVDs and what have you.  I also can’t wait to get more figures, mostly because they’re freaking awesome.

I’m not all that great a photographer, and I apologize in advance for the significantly-less-than-perfect pictures.

And yes, that lightswitch plate does say “corn”

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