Welcome!  I, Archangel Shear, shall be your host in this brief glimpse of the goings-on of the life of a teenage American otaku; that is to say, me.  I am far from the most experienced, assiduous, or active otaku bloggers out there, but anime, manga, figures, and the like are my passion, and I’d like to share them with the world as much as I am able.

I am actually a relative newcomer to anime and manga, but both my collection and my repertoire of series are steadily growing.  I tend to keep up with current or recent anime rather than delve into the classics, but that isn’t to say that I do not like older series.  Being a guy, I do mostly prefer male-oriented shows, though I may occasionally watch certain shoujo anime as well.

Thanks to a summer study abroad program, I was able to spend one glorious month in Japan in summer 2009.  During three of those four weeks I studied very basic Japanese, but my skill in the language is still quite lacking.  I am currently trying to find good local classes so I can further those studies.

For the moment, though, I invite you to enjoy what my humble blog has to offer.  And of course, thanks for visiting!

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the name “Archangel Shear,” I got it by plugging my real name into an anagram generator.  It seemed more appropriate than “Large Harsh Acne.”


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