Thanksgiving Occurs

When I finished typing up my previous post, I was quite excited to see what sorts of events, purchases, or other goings-on I’d be able to blog about in the near future.  Eventually I came to realize that nothing much was really happening.  Well, perhaps “nothing” isn’t the right word: life went on as it typically does, and, yes, I had a few more interesting days to break the routine here and there, but there was nothing that gave me that feeling of “Hey, I should blog about this,” or what have you.  Maybe I’m setting the bar for blog-worthiness too high.  Maybe I’m just lazy.  Probably both.  Regardless, Thanksgiving seemed as good an excuse as any, so I figured I might as well run my mouth a bit.  Oh, and the image (source) doesn’t really reflect anything other than A) the sense of listlessness that I’ve been feeling of late and B) the fact that I really like it.

Where I live, convention season is still months away, but I did attend a smallish cosplay contest up in Cambridge a while back.  There were some pretty nice costumes and I’d show them to you if I hadn’t forgotten my camera.  Since I’m too cheap to buy my own costume and lack the skill to make one, there wasn’t really much to do other than wander and admire.  A costume isn’t really that high on my list right now, though I might start to change my tune once Anime Boston rolls around.  Aside from pre-ordering the next Ace Attorney game and the Akiyama Mio figure forever ago, I’ve pretty much been hoarding every penny I find, even though I haven’t fully decided exactly what I’m saving for.  I can’t quite tell if I’m thrifty or miserly when it comes to money.

I’ve also started going into the city on Saturdays for Japanese class.  I’m glad I can finally take real lessons on the subject, but the three hour session plus the commute makes it seem like I have an extra day of school every week.  It’s interesting, though, and I’m hoping it will score me some points on college applications too.

I got to meet up with a few of my friends from my trip to Japan last summer, and we walked around Harvard Square for a while.  We had Japanese food, something I do not recommend doing mere days after having your wisdom teeth removed.  We may have been caught in the background for a scene of Friday Night Lights, oddly enough.  Again, I forgot my camera and thus have no pictures, a mistake I hope to avoid more consistently in the future.

That’s really all that’s happened to me recently, as far as my tired brain is currently able to recall.  Before I forget, I found something great for those of you who have actually read this far:

My hat is off to the genius who thought of this (source).  Anyway, thanks for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!


1 Response to “Thanksgiving Occurs”

  1. 1 moichispa November 28, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    oh great image.

    and don’t orget the camera next time. f is something umineko related I would be there


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