Some New Goodies

First of all, allow me to apologize for the long delay.  School’s been kinda tough, and during my free time I’ve been, well, really lazy.  You know how it is: you start the daythinking you’re going to get all sorts of whatever done, and before you know it you’ve spent the whole day stitting around watching Maho Shojo Lyrical Nanoha, and those new figures and such and your camera are just so far away from your comfortable chair.  There’s an upside, though: I get to showcase some cool new stuff all at once.  Let’s start with this:

The Lala Satalin Deviluke figure, by Good Smile Company.  Stunning.

Kinda hard to get the tail into its socket, since you have to reach behind her hair from the side.

Lala’s hat/Peke’s face(?) is removable.  Surprisingly tough accessory, despite the seemingly flimsy wings.  Accidentally dropped the hat as I was removing it and it fell down a (thankfully carpeted) flight of stairs, but there’s no visual damage whatsoever.

Her hand is also replaceable with one holding her wand/tool thing, the name of which escapes me.  You can’t really see it in the other photos, but the wandless interchangable hand has her pointing her index finger.  My bad for the photo angle on those, I made her look like she was hitchhiking or something.

You can see it better here.  It’s a really cute pose in my opinion.  This figure was made a while ago, so it wasn’t cheap or easy to come by, but I managed to get it from Toylet via Amazon Marketplace.  I think I would have got it a little cheaper had I bought direct from their site instead of on Amazon, but I had never bought from them before and wanted the security of the Amazon guarantee.  The order went fine though, and I’d probably buy direct from them next time if I ever find that they have something I want at the lowest available price.

Anyway, Good Smile did fantastic work with this figure.  The dynamic pose really reminds me of Lala’s unabashedly cheery personality, and her Dressform costume is well sculpted and spot-on.  I’m a big To-Love-Ru fan, and I’ve both seen the anime and read all the chapters to date (that have been translated, at least, though I’m pretty sure those are up-to-date as well).

Moving on, I also recieved my first figma from HLJ not long ago, and here she is: Tsukasa from Lucky Star.

I’m a Lucky Star fan too, and I know I’ve watched the full anime at least twice.  Kagami and Tsukasa were my favorite characters, and since HLJ was out of the former, the choice was easy.  At first I thought figmas were weird, but as I saw more and more of them I started to change my mind.  Now I own one, and I wholly intend to get more, money permitting.  When she first showed up, it was a cold, snowy day and she had been sitting by my mailbox for who knows how long.  Needless to say, when I first took her out of the package, the joints and the changalbe hands were stiff to say the least, and my fingers were raw by the time I managed to get the starting pair of hands out of the sockets.

The other included face has her classic airhead expression.

Lastly, I got this cool print a while back:

I got this when I made a $25 donation to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund regarding the manga trial, and if you look in the bottom right next to their emblem, you’ll see that it’s signed by the artist.  I’m fairly certain that they only sent you this if you donated by a certain date, which has long since passed.  I did choose to donate, but I’m not going to give any sermons on why everyone else should too.  I really don’t like sounding preachy about stuff like that.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I would encourage you to at least get the gist of the situation here.

That’s all I’ve gotten since my last post.  Not a whole lot, but then again I try (and usually fail) to be a frugal spender.  The downside is that, aside from a few pretty far off pre-orders, I have nothing on its way right now.  That’ll probably change pretty soon, as I’ve already got my eye on some more cool stuff.

One last thing: is there a simple way to add those image titles on the bottom corner of your images?  I’ve been doing each one manually on photobucket, but it can take a while when there’s a lot of images.


1 Response to “Some New Goodies”

  1. 1 Fernando Mata July 31, 2009 at 5:36 am

    Awesome figure, Im kinda looking forward to buying a Lala Satlin Deviluke figure too, not sure if the same one, but somthing from the same character.

    I’ve also recently started collecting anime stuff hehe, and my family is also kind of freaked out, although I just knew a friend of mine was also in to anime but didn’t know among us (sharing more time together)

    I also love the Haruhi Suzumiya Limited Edition Set, though Im missing Vol 1 and 2, will order them soon

    I’ve just started to collect figures jeje, might even do something like this blog, looks interesting comparing other peoples likes and dislikes.

    Keep the adding value to your collection 😛
    Best Regards

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